Are Bernedoodles Good Dogs?

are bernedoodles good dogs

Bernedoodles are amazing dogs, and they can make wonderful additions to any family. However, they do require a lot of attention and care. This is especially true of young bernedoodle puppies, which need to be potty trained, taught manners, and exercised frequently.

The best way to discipline a puppy is with positive reinforcement. This includes treats, praise, and attention. It is also important to use obedience training, which will help your dog learn to listen and follow directions. Negative discipline, such as hitting or shouting, is ineffective and can actually harm your dog physically and emotionally.

Because bernedoodles are a hybrid breed, they tend to be highly intelligent and have a desire to please their owners. They are easy to train, but they need consistent, positive, patient, and firm guidance. If you’re not comfortable with this kind of training, a bernedoodle isn’t the right breed for you.

Bernedoodles enjoy spending time outdoors and need access to a safe, securely fenced yard. However, they can live in small apartments if their exercise needs are met by frequent outdoor walks or trips to a local park with lots of playtime. Tiny and mini bernedoodles are even more adaptable, as they can fit into smaller spaces easily.

Bernedoodles are sensitive dogs that may be nervous in unfamiliar situations or around people they don’t know. Early and thorough socialization can help prevent this from happening.

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