Benedoodle Haircuts

Grooming your dog is an essential part of their care. It also helps keep them happy and healthy. This is why it’s important to have a clear idea of how you want your dog’s haircut before visiting a groomer.

It will also help you save money, as frequent visits to the groomers can get expensive over time. Here are some of the different bernedoodle haircuts you can choose from.

Summer Cut

The summer cut is a popular hot weather clip that removes the top half of your dog’s coat, leaving only the hair on the head, ears and tail. It’s a great option for dogs who swim, walk or play outside in the heat.

Some people in online forums are adamant that your Doodle should get a short summer cut to prevent overheating. They say that their Doodle’s coat is its own built-in cooling system, but only if the fur stays unmatted and allows air to flow freely through it.

While you can do this cut at home, it’s best to have a professional groomer take care of it. A good groomer will not only trim the hair around your Doodle’s face, but also add some layers to it to frame and accentuate your pup’s features. They may also add a bit of texture to it, which will reduce the bulk in the hair and allow it to move more easily.

Winter Cut

For those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to their summer tresses yet, there is one surefire way to keep your look fresh until the warm weather returns: the Winter Cut. This style features a short, blunt bob with a little extra length on the ends to avoid those frosty, dry-looking strands that often come with winter hair.

The trend has a lot of staying power, because it can work for almost any texture and is perfect for those who want to add more movement to their look, says Wendt. It also works well with bangs.

Another option is the pixie cut, which is especially great for those with fine or thin hair. It can create the illusion of thickness, which is perfect for those looking to get through the winter with a healthy lash line and luscious locks. Just be sure to stock up on a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner, as this style does require a lot of hydration.

Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut makes a poodle look like a stuffed animal, which is very appealing to many dog owners. It also keeps them cool in the summertime by keeping their hair short, which reduces heat buildup. It is a low-maintenance haircut that only requires brushing once or twice per week.

It is important to know the different types of Bernedoodle haircuts so you can effectively communicate with your groomer and show them a picture of what you want your dog’s cut to look like. This will help to prevent confusion and ensure that you are both satisfied with the results.

In addition to knowing the main types of bernedoodle haircuts, it is essential to understand bloat in dogs and how to keep your dog healthy by taking them for regular professional grooming sessions. Bloat is a serious condition that can be fatal for your beloved pet if left untreated. Therefore, you should always seek the services of a trained and experienced groomer to maintain their coat and health.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut (also known as a teddy bear trim, summer haircut, or kennel cut) is often used for puppies to get them accustomed to grooming and is usually done every 6-8 weeks. It involves an even haircut of between one and two inches all over the body, face, legs, tail, and ears. The hair on the face is shaved for a soft, rounded teddy bear appearance and the pom-pom look at the end of the tail is created with a banded topknot.

Like the lion and English saddle clips, this is a very high-maintenance style that requires an experienced groomer and should not be attempted by novices. It is most commonly seen on miniature and toy poodles, but can be used on standard poodles as well. A more modern style, the lamb trim is a short haircut that accentuates your dog’s natural shape. The fur around the legs and head is trimmed a bit shorter than the teddy bear trim, but longer than the Retriever.

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